Just a few of our computer services:

Virus Diagnosis and Removal

Do you have virus problems? Do pop-ups ever flood your screen? This service will remove all viruses and spyware that has been placed on your computer, and will include the installation of a virus protection program (Security Setup). This service also includes slight performance optimization.

Wireless Network Setup

We will set up a wireless network in your home or office building with this service. This does not include a wireless router or any accessories for your computers or other devices. There is an unlimited number of devices that can be set-up with this service, provided that all devices are set-up at the time of installation.

Computer Set-Up

If you just purchased a new computer or laptop and would like everything set-up correctly and efficiently this is the service for you. We will set-up any computer or laptop and guide you through how to properly use your new equipment and answer all questions you may have about it.

Printer or other Peripheral Install

If you have a printer, scanner, copier, fax machine, dual monitors or any other peripheral(s) that you would like professionally installed, we can do it! This does not include any cards, cords, or other accessories required for installation.

Software Install

If you purchased or downloaded new software and would like to make sure it is installed correctly, we will guide you through how to correctly install it, and train you so that you may install things in the future. This service does not include the software.

Security Setup

Our security setup option installs a virus protection program on your computer and includes an initial scan. This service is included with the Virus Diagnosis and Removal service.

Performance Optimization

If your computer is running very slow and you can’t do much on it without it taking an hour, this is the option for you. This service will clean your registry and defragment your hard drive so that your computer runs faster and smoother. This also includes start-up optimization, which will speed up how fast your computer starts and shuts down.

E-mail Set-up or Support

We will set-up an e-mail account with you and help you use it for the first time. We can also help you get your address book setup and will train you on using the e-mail service that you choose. If you already have an e-mail account but don’t know how to do something or would like to learn faster, more efficient ways, we offer support for existing e-mail users.

Set-up Online Data Back-up

We will set your computer up so that you will never have to be worried about losing your data if your computer dies or shorts out due to a storm. All of your important data (what you choose as important) will be backed up online and will be available to only you when you need it. This includes set-up and the service of back-up for one year.

Internal Hardware Install

We will install a second hard drive, a graphics card, more ram, a usb card, a network card, or any internal hardware that you would like installed with this service. We will also ensure that it is fully working. This does not include the hardware.

Computer Training

Do you want to get to know how to use your computer better? Are a few things about your computer slightly confusing? We will train you on how to use your computer along with the basics.